Guideline for watching video

Configure Settings

To watch lectures on this website we encourage you to have following settings.
We can not assure availability for any services on this site without these settings.

Supported Browser

Edge / Firefox / Chrome / Safari(for Mac)
(Please make sure that it is up to date)
We do not support Internet Explorer


Please make sure that JavaScript is enabled.

Internet Connection Settings

It is required more than 2 Mbps download speed to watch the videos.
In case download speed is not enough there might be some troubles like image does not show or video does not play smoothly.
There are also some possible cases that your settings meet the conditions above but video does not play smoothly when you have unstable connection. In that case please check if the internet is busy or not.

*If you use an unsupported browser please check what is supported and change it to supported one.

*There may be some cases you can not watch streaming because of the security settings in your facility.

Here are sample videos. Please make sure that you can watch them in advance.


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